Buckingham Staple Stick- Large- 574L View Larger Buckingham Staple Stick- Large- 574L

- Buckingham’s Staple Sticks are used for installing utility staples. Load the staple stick or multiple sticks and get quick and easy access to your staples while working a pole. When storing the staple stick, the ½" diameter attachment hole located in the end of the staple stick is designed to allow the stick to be stored on a Buckingham Gated Handline Carrier (2402G) or a BuckTender (2404).
-Holds 10 staples of varying diameter (0.150"- 0.162" Dia.) up to 1" wide.
- Protects gloves and fingers when hammering staples.
- Prevents staples from being dropped or flying when staples are not hit square.
- Convenient ½" attachment hole for storing.

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Buckingham Staple Stick- Large- 574L 10K