Chance Lubricant, "H.M." Spray C4002320 View Larger Chance Lubricant, "H.M." Spray C4002320

Developed to help keep line hose easy to put on and slide into place, this silicone material also serves as a multi-purpose lubricant. Handy 10 oz. size aerosol package provides a convenient applicator to coat all interior line hose surfaces. Simply spread open the hose near one end and direct the can nozzle's wide spray pattern inside, working down the hose to its other end. A soft, clean cloth may be used to wipe silicone on large surfaces. An excellent all-purpose lubricant, it may be used in place of petroleum-based lubricants. Surfaces to be coated should be clean and dry.

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Chance Lubricant, "H.M." Spray C4002320 CH1