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Rauckman Hold Tag Tagging Device R-TD2



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Rauckman Hold Tag Tagging Device R-TD2

- Hold Tag a.k.a. RUP HOLDTAG is a tagging device used by power utility lineworker for tag out / lock out of an overhead device.
-RUP HOLDTAG tagging device model R-TD2 is molded from a specially blended elastomer that keeps it functional during the most frigid or sweltering weather. Additionally, ultra-violet stabilizers ensure that the R-TD2 lasts for many years of service.
- For flexibility and ease of installation, R-TD2 Hold Tag has two hooks that are molded on a steel core so they can be easily shaped by hand in the field to fit on various devices.
- R-TD2 has an internal cavity with tapered ribs and a slot (for the prong) to accept the head of a disconnect (switch) hotstick for easy installation and removal.
- Superior Electrical Properties by using a track-resistant high dielectric material that remains stable even in the most severe environments
- Flame Retardant properties certified to the V-0 criteria of Underwriters Laboratory Standard of UL-94
- Double Hooks for easy landing. Each hook has a steel core that provides easy field shaping
- Molded eye to allow attachment of hold cards with straps, cords or lanyards
- Equipped with 2 clips for hold card

Manufacturer: Rauckman Utility Products