GME Supply is North America's Premier Outfitter of fall protection, safety equipment, and gear for at-height workers, industry, and construction.

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Powering Lineman. Powering America.®

You're a trailblazer. A doer. The unsung hero that keeps us connected and powered.

We know that your job isn't always pretty. And that it isn't always appreciated.

But we champion you. Because we know that without you - our world would be a very different place.

We're here to keep you safe and productive in the air, on the ground, and on the job. With all the tools, equipment, and logistics you need to get the job done all day - every day.

We know you can't waste time waiting for your order. Time wasted is time missed. It's time you could be in the field working, earning money, and taking on every opportunity that comes your way.

With Farwest as your partner you can work confidently knowing that you will never miss an opportunity to exceed.

We are Farwest. We are YOUR Single Source Solution.

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The Gear you need for
Safety and Success

Farwest's nationally recognized Gear Experts® train for over 150 hours as new hires and complete hours of ongoing training every month to ensure they can consult with you on the safety and productivity gear you require.

Our team specializes in understanding and distributing a wide range of products that matter most to your safety and productivity.The right tool for the right job equals success for you and your company.

Your Single Source Solution

Farwest is your single source solution for all of your safety and productivity needs.

Our team of nationally recongized and certified customer-focused team specializes in understanding what matters to you. From products and services to training and logistical challenges - we're here to help you get the job done.

A one-stop shop means less time ordering, less time waiting, and more money in your pocket. Having different suppliers for thousands of products causes inefficiencies, wasted time, and opportunities missed. At Farwest, our dedicated team is here to help make your life easier - we have everything you need to keep your business running and succeeding.

From our dock to yours in 2 days or less

Farwest operates from a distribution network spread out across North America. Our strategically placed warehouse distribution network help us provide 2-day (or less) shipping to 99% of the continental US. And, with our Quick Ship program - you can choose from thousands of items that will ship same day*.

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Logistics you can rely on

Partnering with Farwest means working directly with a team that is intimately familiar with your business, working directly with you in order to keep your workers across the country safe and productive.

Farwest Kits provide exactly what you need to get the job done, making ordering easier and ensuring you aren’t missing critical gear or supplies. Our pre-built and custom-built kits mean fewer order mistakes resulting in less wasted time, man power, and more crews working all day, every day.

Our dedicated team is here to help you get the gear you need - when and where you need it. Backed by our Quick Ship program, we offer same day shipping on thousands of items from our seven stocking locations throughout the US and Canada*.

Plus, our best in class pick, pack, and shipping operations ensures that in-stock items are shipping the same day you place the order* so it gets to you fast ensuring you never miss another opportunity to get the job done right and on-time.

*When ordered by 6PM CST

The Partner You Need.
The Flexibility You Want.

Having different suppliers for the thousands of products it takes for you to keep our nation running can cause inefficiencies, wasted time, and missed opportunities.

Stop wasting time and sacrificing efficiency with multiple suppliers. As your one-stop-shop, Farwest has the gear you need to keep your crew safe, productive, and running at full capacity in the field all year long. Never miss an opportunity again to take on new work and reach new levels of success.

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The Gear You Need To Get the Job Done

With categories curated to focus on keeping you safe, productive, and efficient on the job - we have everything you need to keep your business running.

Belts & Accessories
Climbers & Pads
Hand Tools
Hydraulic & Battery
PPE & Work Wear
Wood Fall Protection
General Safety & Fall Protection
Canvas & Vinyl Goods
Lifting & Rigging
and Much More

Welcome to the Power of PRO
Save Time. Save Money.
Powering Lineman. Powering America.

Get in the driver's seat and take complete control with Farwest PRO. Equipped to scale, PRO gives your the tools you need to revolutionize your purchasing process. Designed to grow with the needs of your business - from small start-ups to international Fortune 500 companies, Farwest PRO puts the knowledge and control you deserve in your hands.

Learn More About PRO
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Solve Tomorrow's Problems, Today.

Improve Supply Chain Visibility

Farwest PRO allows you to take your supply chain visibility to a whole new level.

Quickly and easily analize your purchasing activities, see who is placing orders, and even view where the product is being sent - all with a simple to navigate reoporting feature. Unique to the PRO platform, this custom report feature allows you to create and schedule reports - giving your management team the insights needed to manage costs and control spending across your entire catalog.

Plus, you can monitor purchasing trends, unconver cost saving opportunities, and identify process inefficiencies.

Stay In Control

We don't stop at reporting. PRO includes a range of features designed with you in mind.

Set purchasing controls and reporting responsibilities based on your company’s unique organizational structure including required approvals and work flows. Limit company purchases to approved items or allow managers to shop our entire marketplace with your corporate discount – It’s all up to you.

Same Great Unmatched Customer Service

You're more than just a number.

With PRO you continue to get access to our Gear Expertise and award-winning customer service team. From recommendations to ensureing that you get the dedicated support you need. We understand your business - and we're here to support you every step of the way. Partner with GME to ensure you never miss an opportunity to work or take on new contracts.

Grow With PRO

You can rest assured that PRO has the capabilities to grow as your business does. Keep it simple while your small but still take advantage of early payment discounts, special pricing applied to a huge assortment of products, shipment reports, and purchasing reports. As your team and company grow and you require more capabilities you can turn on additional features, manage more complex approval work flows, and gear lists – all enabled by the Gear Experts at GME.

Experience Distributed Purchasing with Gearcor
Save Time. Save Money. Simplify your FR unfirom, Apparel, and Footwear Programs.

Farwest is excited to introduce Gearcor. The Gearcor platform is the industry's leading tool for the management of your FR Uniform, Apparel, and Safety Footwear needs. The platform empowers your techs to seamlessly order what they need while giving you the tools to easily control and track spend, and cut out wasted time and money.

Learn More About Gearcor
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Your Total Source for Employee Safety Gear

The Gearcor platform lets you manage your entire safety shoe program, work uniform distribution, PPE and fall protection needs through a private, easy-to-use web-based platform. Gearcor will give you total program visibility, ensuring purchasing and policy consistency across the organization and gives you complete control over program spend.